Ways to remove warts in the clinic and at home

How to get rid of warts on shoulders

In most cases, warts are benign tumors of a viral nature. Nipples or nodules on the skin are nothing but papillomatosis. Transmission occurs through direct contact or use of items belonging to the sick person. The likelihood of the appearance of such growths increases if a person is traumatized, he has immune problems, cyanosis of the hands and feet, autonomic neurosis has developed, sweating of the soles of the feet and hands.

Modern methods of removing warts

In the main part of the article we discuss ways to safely remove warts, we consider popular modern techniques. Treatment is chosen with the help of a doctor, and control after surgery is also important for successful healing without complications.

laser wart removal

How does laser wart removal work?

In modern clinics, specialists use two types of laser equipment. A carbon dioxide (CO2) laser burns the wart tissue by evaporating water from the tissue. The Erbium laser gradually vaporizes the tumor structure. The pulsed laser destroys the capillaries in the wart, forming scar tissue.

Pros and Cons of Laser Wart Removal

One of the advantages of laser surgery is that it protects the skin surrounding the tumor from damage. The technique is not considered painful. The whole process usually takes a few minutes. Bleeding due to high temperature and vascular welding was excluded. The instrument does not touch the body, so the procedure is considered sterile. Treatment with bactericidal beams accelerates tissue regeneration after surgery. In just 1 session, you can remove warts and heal quickly.

Furthermore, the advantages should include the fewest contraindications, so the procedure is suitable for a wide range of patients. Good results in removing facial and full-body tumors cannot be ignored. At best, there is no visible scarring. Needless to say, the advantage of this wart removal technique is that the operator can easily adjust the depth of the beam irradiation during the process of cauterizing the diseased tissue with the laser.

We turn to disadvantages, which include the inability to send tissue for histological analysis. The disadvantage or feature is that it is difficult to control the penetration depth of the laser beam. It is influenced only by the best experts. Laser destruction is usually done in one session, but if a person has very advanced tumors or lumps on the skin, a different approach is required. In order to make the wound smaller after wart removal, several sessions are required. Sometimes during laser surgery, an allergy to the anesthesia can occur.

Reviews on Laser Wart Removal

first trial

Hello, I would like to share my opinion and tell me which is better - laser or nitrogen wart removal. I have tried both options. In the case of the nitrogen method, cold is applied for about half a minute. Complex cases take twice as long. I like that the results appear fast enough. Despite unpleasant sensations and even pain during the doctor's work, it became easier after the operation.

I have found that nitrogen removal is not the most effective. In fact, there is another feature - sometimes it takes 3 to 5 repetitions to get the desired result. Against the backdrop of this method, laser technology is even more perfect. I'm relatively happy with lasers because it's a quick procedure, painless and doesn't leave scars. Hemorrhage was completely ruled out, although the laser was applied to a rather deep depth of the tissue thickness.

Specialists removed the tumor layer by layer, leaving the skin completely untouched.

Second instance

Fortunately, I don't have skin problems, but this trouble touches my child. I think it is best to use laser to remove warts and similar tumors in children. This is the most common and cheapest method. My son is 11 so we were able to get the skin back quickly without peeling off the crust. At a younger age, parents should watch their children carefully.

Under no circumstances is it advisable to tear off the crust until it falls off on its own. Parents of particularly curious children are advised to close the wound with an antiseptic patch.

Cryosurgery for warts and moles

How to remove warts with liquid nitrogen?

First, make-up is removed from the skin, and if effects appear on the face, the problem areas are treated with special antiseptic ingredients. Next, a gel is used to help soften the tissue and better soak it with nitrogen. A local anesthetic is given to relieve discomfort. The tumor is covered with an applicator -- a small tube made of wood with a container at the end from which the liquid nitrogen comes.

Applicator contact time is 10 to 30 seconds, increasing to 1 minute for plantar wart removal.

When pressed by the device, the fluid released from the working part freezes the tumor. In some cases, cryogenic processing equipment is used. This effect is aimed at removing certain types of papillomas and subcutaneous warts. During this treatment, the air bubbles turn white and become dense when frozen. The final treatment will allow you to soften the skin and reduce negative feelings.

Usually the blisters disappear quickly after the wart is removed with nitrogen. If you follow all your doctor's recommendations, the skin will heal without complications.

Pros and cons of freezing warts

The process of using liquid nitrogen is similar to freezing pathological tissue. After thawing, the warts break down at the cellular level. The main advantage of cryo-destruction is the completely painless effect. You do not need to numb the problem area. There is no bleeding and scarring, and the operation is performed under nitrogen gas under complete aseptic conditions. This technique is recommended for children more often than others.

The process also has disadvantages. This is one of them - the doctor cannot regulate how deeply the active substance penetrates into the tissues. When a person has a large tumor, multiple surgeries are required. We also mentioned the disadvantage of not being able to inspect the tissue after removal.

Reviews on Wart Removal with Liquid Nitrogen

first trial

Hello everyone. I went to the clinic to have so called teenage warts removed. In my case, the tumor was not stressed. The specialist made only slight movements to the sides. Almost immediately I saw the wart turn white, then red and swollen. A day later, the situation changed and a bubble appeared, first bloody and then bland contents.

Turns out blistering after wart removal is the norm, I showed it to my doctor and he forbids piercing to avoid scarring. Then I noticed after a week it settled and a crust formed. Then, where the wart used to be, a pink spot was left. Soon it is replaced by normal skin. If your doctor doesn't mind, I recommend that everyone use nitrogen to remove the tumor.

Second instance

I recently underwent nitrogen therapy. Proper care after wart removal is important for quick healing and disinfection. The doctor advised me to lubricate the lesion with 2% concentration of salicyl alcohol. I was able to remove tumors on my arms and legs.

I also want to warn people: this procedure of freezing warts, moles and other growths is contraindicated during pregnancy in cases of skin deterioration, infection or any chronic condition. Be sure to consult with your doctor as to how to manage the excision wound best in your situation.

wart removal on hands

Electrocoagulation to remove warts

The procedure takes a minimum of time and usually removes several small warts in one session. The process takes a few seconds or a minute. For the convenience of the patient, local anesthesia is administered, and an antiseptic is applied to the skin. Doctors apply a looping device to the tumor, activating the supply of electricity. The coagulant has a thermal effect on the wart and its tissue dies.

Because the procedure is performed at 800 degrees, cauterization of the blood vessels occurs, which is why the wound does not bleed. After electrocoagulation, a thick shell appears, under which the regeneration process takes place, which falls off after a while.

Pros and Cons of Electrocoagulation for Warts

Online, you can find a lot of positive reviews about coagulation because the procedure is not painful and the impact site heals well without scarring. Overall, the technique is considered safe, effective, affordable, and requires minimal blood loss.

There are downsides worth mentioning. Among side effects, patients reported itching, pain, burning. In most cases, discomfort is caused by improper handling, and individual reactions to local anesthesia may also occur.

Reviews on wart electrocoagulation

first trial

During the surgery, the doctor asked me to remove all metal jewelry from my body. Otherwise, I run the risk of electric burns. Each patient asks the specialist how long it will take for the wound to heal, but it is not the same in all cases. In my case, the wound healed in 10 days. As soon as the casing came off, I could see a small stain left behind.

The wart is deep enough so the skin in the place is still bright, although the spots have become less and less visible over the years. In the case of superficial small tumors, it is easier because there are few traces. I also wanted to say what to do after removing the wart and they advised me: buy an antiseptic and apply it on the problem area for 5-10 days, don't wet the wound and don't remove the crust. There should be no recurrence and I'll hope for the best.

Second instance

Hi. I was refused wart removal by electrocoagulation as my blood clotting was found to be too low during the examination and the procedure was contraindicated for me. Be careful, pass all recommended tests. In addition to blood components, contraindications include the acute phase of herpes, oncology, severe conditions on the background of chronic diseases and personal intolerance to electrical exposure.

Radiowave Wart Removal

Advantages and disadvantages of radio wave wart removal

The procedure does not damage healthy tissue and lasts up to 20 minutes without bleeding. The impact of the device is not painful. There are usually no complications and the recovery period is minimal. No scars left. Side effects such as wound inflammation, redness, and swelling are very rare. The sterility of the procedure eliminates the need to care for the wound after mole removal. Histological examination of the removed tissue is very important.

The radio wave technique can be used on any part of the body - flat warts and other similar problems on the face or feet can also be removed very well.

The downsides include the skin color changing in some cases so the stain can still be seen by others. Burns and blisters sometimes form scars. For some people, the wart heals in a special way after removal - swelling appears in its place and pain persists for some time. There is also a risk of damaging adjacent tissue.

Reviews on Radio Wave Wart Removal

first trial

I welcome everyone. I have a problem - I have warts in several places on my body, I have tried different things and now the skin is clear. I would like to compare radio wave therapy to exposure to liquid nitrogen. I can say with certainty that with the nitrogen technique, blood blisters often occur, and with the radio wave method, this trouble can be ruled out. I was in pain for 2 days after cauterizing with nitrogen gas and barely hurt after having a similar wart removed with a radioknife.

I would also like to point out that after the liquid nitrogen action the skin was injured a few centimeters around the impact site, which was not the case with the radiating knife. After nitrogen treatment, the bubbles burst, followed by a longer healing period of about 2 weeks, and the wound of the radiation knife was hidden under the crust and healed for 6 days. The nitrogen technique left visible scars, while the radio knife left a faint scar in one area and no trace in another.

Second instance

When I passed all the tests and headed to the clinic for surgery, I had to fill out a detailed questionnaire. It turns out that radio waves have no effect on benign tumors during menstruation. I also have psoriasis since I was a child, so I had to give up this method. He has many contraindications besides those I mentioned.

Drugs for warts

If you don't have enough money to go to a cosmetic surgery clinic or an elite medical center, try other methods of tumor removal. Before choosing a wart removal drug, you need to consult a doctor and undergo recommended examinations. According to the doctor's prescription, buy the necessary medicines that are safe and effective for papilloma.

If the medication is used incorrectly, severe burns and all ensuing complications can result. If the wart does not heal after self-cautery, then you need to see your doctor urgently.

Of course, you can find many home remedies online. Some sources recommend removing warts at home with the help of the celandine plant, others recommend treating the skin with vinegar. Perhaps this method is effective, but it is best to entrust a specialist to remove warts. The before and after photos clearly show that in-office surgery is preferable. Any self-medication implies risky behavior and unpredictable consequences.