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In Bulgaria, after clinical trials, a drug for the treatment of psoriasis, fungi and papilloma, Keramin cream, was approved. The plant-based composition eliminates pathogenic microorganisms and repairs damaged skin areas.

How to Order Keramin Cream

The tool is not sold in pharmacies, you can only order it on the official website by filling in the form with your name and phone number. Currently on a 50% discount period, the price of the cream is just {€45}. Delivery charges depend on the city. No prepayment required, the goods are paid after receiving the mail.

Keramin will help with skin problems

Skin problems such as papilloma, warts, fungi (mycosis) and psoriasis poison the existence of many people. Medications are long-lasting and not cheap, and the effects end quickly and the disease recurs (especially psoriasis and fungal infections). Last year, a clinical trial of the innovative drug Keramin was conducted, which destroys pathogenic microorganisms and enhances cellular immunity, preventing the development of chronic processes. Currently, Keramin is recognized as the best medicine in Bulgaria for the treatment and prevention of psoriasis, fungal infections (including fingers and toes), papilloma and warts.

Cream for the treatment of fungi (mycosis) and psoriasis Keramin: about the product

The drug is available as a thick white cream with a specific but not pungent odor. Keramin is designed to remove papillomas, warts, mycosis from the skin, including those caused by various fungal infections that affect not only the skin, but also the fingers and toes, and to combat psoriasis. Creams can be used to prevent such diseases.

How Keramin cream treats mycosis, psoriasis and papilloma

The complexity of treating psoriasis, fungal infections and removing papillomas and warts lies in their different etiologies and pathogenesis. Although in some cases, fungal diseases can trigger the development of tumors. Most often, the skin of the body, head, fingers, and toes is affected, and papillomas can develop both externally and internally. The following table shows the characteristics of the disease:

Reason for appearing
disease papilloma Fungi (fungal disease) psoriasis
external performance Tumors in the form of connective tissue pockets on the lower legs, ranging from flesh to dark brown. As they grow, they look like cockscombs. Mycosis of the skin, fingers, hands and feet is accompanied by peeling and redness of the affected area, intense itching, and the formation of small bubbles with fluid. Thickened, raised patches (plaques) on the skin that are red, yellowish, or silvery in color and grow rapidly.
Papillomavirus, a congenital defect with chronic inflammatory stimulus. Fungal diseases occur when infected with parasitic fungi. Genetic factors, autoimmune diseases.
treat Ointment, surgical excision, cryo-destruction. Medications: ointments, creams, sprays, tablets for fungal infections. Drugs (ointments, oral preparations, injections), phototherapy.

The effectiveness of Keramin cream against fungal infections, psoriasis, papilloma and warts can be explained by the fact that the active substance penetrates deep into the cells of the connective tissue (dermis), blocks and destroys the inflammatory process of pathogens, and controls the production of pathogens due to metabolicnormalized new cells. In addition, the cream activates mechanisms that renew cells, regenerate damaged tissues and strengthen the immune system, providing long-term protection against relapse.

Benefits of Keramin Skin Problem Cream:

Keramin is effective against papilloma, fungus, psoriasis

Clinical trial of Keramin cream

In 2021, Bulgaria carried out an independent study involving 1891 volunteers. Patients were diagnosed with various forms of psoriasis, fungal diseases, as well as papillomas and warts. After three weeks of treatment, tests were conducted and 98 percent of the participants showed a positive trend. All 100% noticed that Keramin relieves symptoms of mycosis and psoriasis after the first application - relieves itching, reduces inflammation, softens keratinized areas, stops peeling. In those with tumors, reductions in the size of papillomas and warts were recorded during the 2nd week of treatment. After the two-month course, 86% of the subjects were free of skin problems.

Cream ingredients for fungal infections, psoriasis and papilloma Keramin

The patented formula of Keramin cream has no analogues, making it unique. The composition is based on medicinal plant extracts and active substances with a powerful effect on cells. Psoriasis, fungi (including mycosis on hands and feet) and papilloma will disappear naturally thanks to the following Keramin ingredients:

In Bulgaria, Keramin cream is not available in pharmacies, but can be ordered through the product's official website. Still 50% off today, the price of the gel is leva 69 - what is the cost in other countries. Keramin is the best cream for skin problems: with this treatment, psoriasis, fungi and papilloma will no longer bother you.

Doctor's review

Doctor Dermatologist Тодор Иванов Тодор Иванов
29 years
Complications of skin diseases such as papilloma, psoriasis, and mycosis are dangerous, especially in the high-risk areas of oncology. In addition to physical distress, they can cause psychological discomfort, worsen quality of life and lead to the development of inferiority complexes. This is why timely prevention and treatment are so important. Keramin face cream has a unique formula based on natural ingredients and was recently approved in Bulgaria. It affects the cells themselves and pathogens, preventing the emergence and development of tumors or fungi.