Experience of use Keramin

Arad's Dorina's Experience with Keramin Cream

Psoriasis before and after Keramin cream treatment

I have had psoriasis since I was a child. At times, I have disgusting pink spots and scaly patches all over my body. I can't express how many tears I shed until I learned to live with this disease. I have tried many drugs over the years, and while some of them are very good, they are all temporary effects. Summer is especially hard, and closed clothes must be worn in hot weather.

How I discovered Keramin Cream

Thanks to Keramin, I can wear revealing clothes again

During my next relapse, the doctor advised me to try the new Keramin cream. Then I went to the official site and I checked the reviews of the combo myself, how to use it, read the reviews. I really don't believe the botanical ointment will work as they write, but with nowhere to go, the plaque grows quickly and causes a lot of trouble.

My experience with Keramin

Following the doctor's advice, the course of treatment lasted for two months. According to the instructions, I applied the cream in the morning and evening. Within the first two weeks of use, Keramin stopped the growth of psoriasis, relieved symptoms, and the size of the spots began to shrink. This effect is especially noticeable on the breasts, which have the most plaque. After another two weeks, the small spots disappeared and only small scars remained. After the treatment, my skin looked like new as if I didn't have psoriasis at all. Now I'm glad I can wear revealing clothes without being ashamed of my body.