What is a papilloma and how is it treated

Many people are familiar with papilloma, and most live with them for years without paying attention. Usually these are harmless formations. But there may be exceptions to this disease, there is a viral principle, and as a result, it spreads in various ways.

In medical terms, the disease is known as papillomavirus infection and is characterized by the formation of many unpleasant bumps on the body. Fused with warts in appearance, either broad or pedunculated. Usually, these are benign growths on the skin, but there are exceptions, so don't put off seeing your doctor when the first tumor appears. What is papilloma and how is it treated?

papilloma on face

Characteristics and methods of infection

What distinguishes this type of infection from other growths is the rough surface. Colors vary: from light, almost white to dark brown. They can appear on all parts of the body: on the face - in the eye area, more commonly not on the eyelids, neck, underarms, chest and under, but most terrifyingly on the genitals. Diameters vary from millet size to 1. 5 cm. Infection occurs during sexual contact, but it is also possible to develop infection through contact with patient surfaces and incomplete adherence to basic hygiene rules. This disease affects people with immunity, is weakened by various diseases, and is caused by various factors: SARS or influenza, neurological disorders, long-term use of drugs, digestive diseases, etc.

The disease more commonly affects people who:

  • Who lives an unhealthy lifestyle - smokers and drinkers
  • having unprotected sex
  • Poor health
  • women with genital disorders
  • Lovers of swimming pools, baths and saunas

Viruses can survive and multiply in humid environments, even when public places are frequently disinfected.


If you have an incomprehensible growth and what causes it to appear, only a doctor can answer for sure. But from its appearance and location, you can assume the nature of the disease. what are these?

common wart

These formations have a different name - papilloma vulgaris. They usually occur on the neck, arms and knees. The diameter of the growth is not very large. They are similar to medium-sized beads, but only on the stem. Sometimes they are combined into groups. Rare cases of this species developing malignancies are known.


This form only occurs at the feet of one person. It can cause discomfort when choosing shoes and walking. does not pose any threat. Usually they disappear on their own as the seasons change or the body's immunity improves.


These growths usually form on the palms or feet. This tumor is closely adjacent to the skin and is flesh-colored. Causes discomfort in the form of irritation, itching and pain.


These warts are usually age-related. The disease occurs at any age and is dormant. Over the years, hormonal changes and the growth of these papillomas occur. They can be located anywhere on the body.

how to treat

If you suspect that you are a carrier of a viral infection, seek professional help immediately. It is easier to prevent new tumors from appearing than to get rid of existing ones. Using a simple blood test and genital smear, a specialist will accurately confirm or deny the presence of a disease in your body. There are more than 60 strains of the virus. But the real danger is only half.

Get rid of pre-existing growth in a number of ways:

  • surgical
  • laser
  • Chemical
  • medicinal
  • folk way

Now let's look at these methods in more detail.

If you are a carrier of uterine papilloma, you cannot do without surgical intervention. To form a mucus surface that affects the genitals, doctors use a hysteroscope to clean the cavity. The procedure is performed under complete anesthesia. Doctors use a special device to remove the lining of the uterus that's produced, and then do the removal. Surgical methods are not popular in the treatment of the affected external area because the surgery itself is not pleasant and scars.

Beauty salons use laser treatments. The technology does not cause significant inconvenience and does not require the patient to be hospitalized. This method is used when it is necessary to remove growths from open parts of the body. The surgery itself is performed without anesthesia. The client lies comfortably in a special chair, and the doctor touches the wart with a special device that emits a laser beam. Simultaneously excise and cauterize the roots of the formation, thereby eliminating bleeding. In this way, you can clear one or more accumulations at a time.

Chemical exposure is the most extreme case if a person is hit by malignant tissue. In this case, the drug is given to the patient intravenously, which affects the patient's entire body. This is very dangerous because it has many side effects. Chemical exposure methods are used when tumors develop on the cervix. The difference is that instead of being injected into the blood, the drug is applied on a cotton swab and applied to the formation. Be aware that large doses of this drug are highly toxic. This treatment is definitely not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Doctors also use traditional corrections. But before making a final diagnosis, it is necessary to reliably determine the strain and type of the virus. After that, antibacterial and antiviral medications are prescribed. In addition, immunomodulatory therapy must be used. Only a doctor will prescribe medication, but keep in mind that both parties should receive immediate treatment.

Even famous doctors often turn to traditional medicine, and you shouldn't ignore it. You can try to remove papilloma at home. Our grandmother's first recipe: garlic and celandine. Celandine is bought at the drugstore with garlic and I think it's easier for every housewife to get. A few drops of celandine and the juice of a clove of garlic will suffice. Apply a cotton swab soaked in this composition to unwanted processes every day before bed. We recommend that you apply new combinations over and over.

in conclusion

Now you theoretically know what a papilloma is and how to better treat it. Remember that it is best to use a combination of medication and laser therapy in your treatment. This is the only real path to health. Do not experiment with self-medication on yourself under any circumstances. You can only find out what kind of disease you have by contacting your doctor. Even with enough information, it's easy to make mistakes yourself. It is necessary to remove the growths in time until they grow and cause problems in your life.